Why We Do It

The intention of creating Kids Ko. Childcare Centre is to develop a joyful, safe, engaging, educational and welcoming experience for the whole community; including children, caregivers and staff.

How We Do It

Kids Ko. Childcare Centre develops active partnerships with families to support the healthy development of children through meaningful relationships, safe exploration, purposeful learning and stimulating play!

We are connected

At Kids Ko. it is important to us to build collaborative partnerships with our families in order to better work towards the common purpose of positively contributing to the healthy growth of children. We work to promote trusting relationships among all members of our community by recognizing, supporting and including all of the unique components that make up each of our families.

We are nurturing

At Kids Ko. we are dedicated to meeting the needs of the children in our care and their loved ones with attentiveness and compassion. We cherish the safety of our kids ko. kids and support their development during times of learning, transitioning and growing.

We are playful

At Kids Ko. we seek to bring joy and stimulation into all the experiences and interactions of our community! We see the value of learning through play and use it as a tool to promote innovation, exploration, education, and creativity.

We are courageous

At Kids Ko. we believe that possibility is larger than fear and that taking chances can lead to great discoveries. We work to encourage experimentation of new things, understand the power of making mistakes and model this bravery when engaging with children.

We are accountable

At Kids Ko. we take pride in our integrity and demonstrate this through transparency, professionalism, consistency and open communication. We hold ourselves accountable to our policies and our promise of quality education and care. We vow to work only within our scope of practice, maintain confidentiality and stay true to the mission and vision of our Centre.

We are Kids Ko.

At kids ko.

We recognize the importance of the early years and the impact that they can have over individuals and society.

Childcare Programs

Infant 3-18 months

Infant 3-18 months

Toddler 18-30 months

Toddler 18-30 months

Preschool  2.5 years - 5 years

Preschool 2.5 years - 5 years

Including Before and After School Program

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